Approved as a Startup

If a business has been up and running for over 5 years, they have multiple options to secure capital for the business, especially considering that alternative lending industry has grown significantly in the last ten years. But what about startups? Where can startups turn for funding?

Now when we say ‘startup’, we don’t mean the next billion-dollar company coming out of Silicon Valley, we mean the next local business. The dry cleaner, the restaurant, the mechanic, the yoga studio, the home-based internet business, even the new college graduate looking to launch a new dentist practice.

With over 600,000* new businesses created each year in the United States, lack of capital is one of the main reasons why business fail**. Appreciating how critical capital is, we have put together a comprehensive list of how a startup business owner can get access to the much-needed funds required to launch and growth their business.